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Everybody Eats is an outreach program that is centered on creating high school student entrepreneurs. Started by Tyrell Harrell and Willie Tarver III, this organization is a response to the stigma that the youth in communities do not help and support each other. In doing this we see an opportunity for everyone to be successful, help each other grow and get to the next level. Hence the name of our organization EverybodyEats.

We believe that change can happen in a pure way by truly focusing on the youth and bringing out their full potential .

Our Mission

To create a lasting legacy for young entrepreneurs, by literally building their own future. This hands-on approach will open their minds to the limitless possibilities that are available to them. By taking young men and women to the next level so they can manifest their own destiny.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Everybody Eats is creating a modus operandi that starts with a unique mindset. This mindset would be communal growth, paying it forward and progressing the ones around you (not just self). That type of mindset would teach people to function based on the legacy you leave not the money you gain. Once this ideal is fully established it will be perpetual and that is the legacy we want to leave.

We Need Your Support Today!

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